There are more than 1,000 items of pharmaceutical and medical products registered with Thai Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health. The administrator’s team has experiences in the production and marketing of pharmaceutical and medical products.

Quality Control

      Seven Stars Pharmaceutical The quality of pharmaceutical product is the most important to Seven Stars Pharmaceutical’s policy. This quality begins from the selection of the raw material, product quality control on all the production processes until the finished products. The laboratory section has the specialized pharmaceutical product quality testing equipments, modern pharmaceutical product quantity analysis machine, experienced staff who have been trained continuously with new knowledge in order to have the expertise in the analysis. This ensures the users’ confidence before the products go to the market


   The control of the packing and the package is also highly important to Seven Stars Pharmaceutical by controlling the quantity of medicine being packed into packages to be in line with the control standard. Furthermore, there are controls on the standard of the packages, containers of the medicine, types of glass or plastic used to contain the medicine. If foil stalls are used, there is a control of the standard thickness and the ability to with-stand water and moisture. Because the medicine containers come directly in contact with the medicine, they have the direct influence to the stability of the medicine. Therefore, the control of the standard of the containers is taken seriously.


        With international control standard on all processes, users of products from Seven Stars Pharmaceutical can be confident that they are using the safe and effective products which will be the most beneficial to them.